A Positive Influence


Arthur Coleman is the band teacher and director at Cesar Chavez High School. He is an amazing and bright teacher who can lift up everyone’s mood no matter what the vibe is inside the band room. “He is one of the best teachers on campus,” says Shaina. Mr.Coleman would always show his enthusiasm and determination while teaching us about music. Other than teaching music, he would not hesitate to lecture us about life outside of band. Mr.Coleman is also the one teacher that has affected my life in a positive way.

When Mr.Coleman teaches he makes sure to put in his all into teaching. Striving for a strong and advanced band, he makes sure to teach his students in the most detailed way as possible as he can. Mr.Coleman would give me helpful tips here and there that really helps me out,” says Arianna. He wants all his students to have strong music knowledge and education. 

During my freshman year when I first walked into the band room F146, I did not know anything about music at all. I walked in not knowing how to play an instrument, not being able to understand, or read music notes. Mr. Coleman made me feel at home and comfortable with who I was. He also taught myself and other students the real meaning of music and how it could change you in a positive way. Now I understand how to play an instrument and read music notes thanks from all the help of Mr.Coleman who has taught me this amazing skill. 

Not only does Mr.Coleman teach and help his students, but he also cares about his fellow students. He is always 100% determined to make sure that everyone of his students is on the right task and is able to understand anything. He wants what is best for his students even if it required an extra push to do better musically or better academically. He’ll talk a lot about life but his stories are worth listening and learning from. Mr.Coleman just wants all his students to live a good and successful life. “He has never failed to help any of his students,” says Keyona.

Mr.Coleman has helped not only me but a whole bunch of other young individuals improve themselves as a better musician. He would have students walking into the band room not knowing anything to have them walking out competent with music. He has helped me with educational, personal, and musical purposes. He also helped me to become a better person for myself. Mr.Coleman is such great and positive teacher to have around you and is always there to help.