The Poetry of Shasta Elementary

As quoted by Brad Henry, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” Throughout my years of attending school, I have had several teachers who have impacted my life. The most memorable teacher, would have to be my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Wofford. She was the definition of a “good teacher.” She never once doubted my intelligence nor did she ever not support me. Mrs. Wofford, constantly pushed me to be my absolute best. She was always proud of me and always helped me accomplish my goals. Mrs. Wofford motivated me, helped me to excel academically, as well as helped me build up my confidence.

      Motivation was something that I lacked. During sixth grade, My teacher, Mrs. Wofford, insisted that I enter a contest, where students could create poems that could possibly be published in a book. I highly doubted myself and my abilities, but she did not. She was constantly motivating me, telling me that I could do it and that I would succeed. With much persuasion, I eventually gave in. I ended up submitting a poem titled “a girl crazy about candy,” and to my surprise a month later, I was told that my silly little poem was going to be published. If it was not for Mrs. Wofford’s constantly pushing me, I would not have ever attempted to enter the contest. Not only did she motivate me, but she also helped me to academically excel in school.

      Mrs. Wofford always made sure that I was on track and understood how to do the work that she provided. During sixth grade, I had broken two bones within the same month, resulting in a couple days of absence. Subsequently, I was put quite behind on my school work. When I had returned to school, Mrs. Wofford made sure that I got caught up, she even took time to pull me aside to teach me the lessons that I had missed. She always looked out for me and truly helped me in many ways.

        My confidence lacked greatly, attempting things that I was unsure of was a big no-no for me. Until, Mrs. Wofford helped me to build it up. I never tried to do the hard problems in class nor did I try to be the absolute best version of myself. Mrs. Wofford really helped me to grow, she made the impossible seem possible. She taught me tricks to solve math equations quickly, showed me how to read more fluently, and pushed me to do the hardest problems in class. Because of  Mrs. Wofford, my love for education grew exceptionally.

       Mrs. Wofford is someone who I will never forget. She helped me in so many ways possible, I couldn’t thank her enough. She was and will forever me one of my favorite teachers.