Teach Fresh, The Sub’s Way


Catelyn Saechao

Outspoken, accommodating, knowledgeable

Mr. Chim is a substitute teacher here at Cesar Chavez High School for all grades, he has affected my life in a positive way. He has been my substitute for multiple classes since my 8th grade year at G. W. Bush Elementary. He has helped me, not only in school but personal problems as well. I know that if I need help on anything I can always count and look up to him.

Mr. Chim is very outspoken, honest, open and positive. Many students like him and he knows how to make people laugh. He will try making the best out of anything. Mr.Chim also assisted me with personal problems which helped me. One of my good friends from the class said “ I know I can always go to Mr. Chim with my problems because he helps me and tells me what I should do.”

He is very knowledgeable and proficient. He has taught many subjects such as Math, English, Avid, History, Art, Humanities, Biology, IPS, and Medical office. He instructs many topics for me to understand. A former student of his gave a positive review mentioning, “Mr. Chim is very easy to get along with and he is awesome.”

Mr. Chim is very accommodating and patient. He will understand you and will try working with you if something isn’t going the right way. Mr. Chim will help you if you fail a test. He will give you the test back and let you put the correct answer down and explain it for half credit. For example, I was failing in that class with a ‘D’. I was extremely stressed because midterms were done in a couple days and I had nothing turned in. However, he helped and gave me additional opportunities to do my work and get it up to a ‘B’. He made me feel confident in what I was doing which stimulated and motivated me. Not just myself, but for the class as well. My close friend told me “He is a great teacher and is very good at teaching.”