My Greatest Influence


Mrs. Fry is an elementary teacher who taught at Kennedy Elementary. She taught mathematics, she is my greatest influence because she always put so much effort and hope in me to succeed. Mrs. Fry is the sweetest, most thoughtful human being in this entire world. There is so many good things I can say about her, but overall she always had high expectations for me and she always pushed me forward to succeed. Mrs. Fry always had the time after school to help tutor me and give me extra homework in order for me to pass the class. Mrs. Fry always had the best sense of humor, she always understood anyone’s issues and tried to help them out. She has such a big heart and everyone went to her for any issues either related to school or personal.

Mrs. Fry taught math since the year of 2004, she received her masters and decided to teach second grade math, she later went on to teach fourth grade and decided to stay in the fourth grade level. Mrs. Fry started teaching at Kennedy elementary since the year 2005, she still continues to teach. Mrs. Fry on the other hand has a dance club that she does after school, they have performed at the Stockton Arena and they have done school performances and competed with other schools.

Mrs. Fry has is not only my teacher but she has become more like a second mom to me. She has always been my guidance and has taught me everything about the outside world. I would spend most of my days with her in her classroom. If I was ever stuck on any subject she always had the time to teach me anything I needed to learn. Mrs. Fry would not only help me on school but also in my personal life. As a kid, I had low self esteem (like most kids) and I would always have issues at home. She would always be the shoulder to cry on, she always had wise words to say to me if i ever needed motivation.

Mrs. Fry always guided me until my eighth grade year, she helped me sign up for high school programs , or any programs that would help lead me to success. She accompanied me to the LULAC workshops at delta. I remember she said to me before we got off the bus “It’s almost time for you to leave me, but I know you’ll do greater things in life and I’m so proud of you.” I hugged her and I felt a sudden need to cry, I knew my time to leave her was coming pretty soon. To this day I still remember her as the biggest support that I’ve had in my entire life. She is the person who guided me into becoming a successful human being. There will always be room in my heart for her. She always cared and understood me, there is never a time where I would be on my own. I always had her support and I am thankful for her.