Long Lasting Motivation

Recent picture of Ms. Garbeff who is a part of Teacher Appreciation.

Recent picture of Ms. Garbeff who is a part of Teacher Appreciation.

Sheila Mendez Castillo, Editorial Editor

   Mrs. Garbeff is a teacher at Lottie Grunsky Elementary who was my fifth grade teacher back in 2012. Mrs. Garbeff affected my life in a positive way. Her ways of teaching were motivational and long- lasting. “Her ways of teaching motivated me to never give up on what I want to learn.” says Jessica. Mrs. Garbeff showed determination and was anxious for her students to strive for the better in life. This is why she is on our list of teachers to appreciation.

 “Mrs. Garbeff has been teaching for a long time now, and has managed to help our young students reach higher goals.” says Mr. Sousa, school principal at Lottie Grunsky. She has found the courage and techniques to understand where the students scholar energy comes from. Her students will come into her classroom not understanding grade level skills and by the time all students are out of her class, they are as advanced as ever. I remember as a young eleven- year old girl, I would struggle a lot in mathematics and didn’t understand much in science. By the time I was closer to being a sixth grader I was performing well in those subjects.

 Memories come to thought when in those days I would struggle to solve a simple math problem on the whiteboard. She would say “Mija, don’t worry, just remember the steps I taught you.” that right there would calm me down because being in that state where you don’t know what to do was frightening for me back then. I also have memories of Mrs. Garbeff tutoring me after school on Tuesdays and also giving me her phone number when I needed help with my homework. She taught us how to stand tall if anything tries to bring us down. Mrs. Garbeff would tell us to get along with others even if our viewpoints were from different perspectives.

 Another great way she impacted my life in a positive way was by telling us about her life story. “She would always tell the story of how hard it was having to see her parents struggle to keep them going.” says Monica. It was true Mrs. Garbeff will always tell us to do excellent in school and give it our all because education is the only way into living a successful life. As well as myself and other students, she will tell us that she struggled  a lot in school and took away the urge to keep going. She managed to to keep going to school and giving it her all and because of that she was there in front of us teaching those who will then lead in the future.

 “Mrs. Garbeff is an amazing teacher who gave me and those who were in her class long-lasting motivation.” says Angel. Mrs. Garbeff is the reason as to why I try my best in order to succeed and think about those around me who need me. She taught me not only the academic values but the values of life as well. “You must be confident and enjoy what life puts in your way.” She had many things to say due to how we were all doing, she understood and led us onto the right path of mentality. That is why Mrs. Garbeff is such a positive factor in my life both educational and personal.