All about me

Selena Almendarez was adopted at the age of seven by a young couple that couldn’t conceive a child of their own. They always referred to her as their blessing. Growing up she did not necessarily know what being adopted meant. Is it bad or good? For years she had a hard time accepting the fact that she wasn’t like everyone else, so called “normal”. Always explaining to people how she looks nothing like her parents, or why her birth mother didn’t want her. Fitting in was never a priority to Selena in school , so she was always an odd ball out. As a child Selena’s parents introduced her to soccer which shaped her as a person, by teaching her discipline, control, and how to work well with others. To Selena soccer is more than a game it’s her passion. She has played for over 14 years, and continuing to play competitive soccer to this day. She has played all four years of varsity soccer while attending Cesar Chavez High School. Selena is now being scouted and offered a scholarship to attend school in Washington in the fall.  Selena continues to be ambitious  about school. She continues to try to focus on her long term goals and not allow others to affect her. Shes also working on being on time to school daily. Selena likes to go out with her friends and watch movies, or go bowling. Selena likes to go adventurous things with her family and friends. Selena has been to Alaska and describes it as as wonderful chill place to be.She stated that she wouldn’t want to live there full time. She has also been to Hawaii and says she would love to live in a beautiful tropical place. Shes an adventurous person and says she wants to continue traveling throughout her life, and continue with school.