Great bargains plus great food equals a good day

You know you’ve been there the chatting of patrons, the endless rows of bargains, and the good food have kept people flocking to the Stockton Flea Markets for generations. As soon as you can find a parking space and get through the front gate you are greeted with the sizzle of fresh meat being cooked on the grill, and many vendors shouting prices and names of products trying to get the attention of hundreds of faces as they walk by. It is a refuge for many who don’t have weekend plans especially teenagers. As a matter of fact they have developed reputation as a hangout for anyone of a younger age looking for a place to go on an otherwise boring weekend. It has also provided a place of employment for many of the teenage community who seem to be happy with their work and away from home.
One of the many part time vendors at the Delta College location from our school Jose Acosta said

“It’s really a lot of fun to be working here it gets you some money to go in your pocket and gives you a way to keep yourself busy over the weekend”.

— Jose Acosta

It is also a great place for people who are junk collectors of the past such as myself. Its many piles of goods make a day loaded with the adventure and anticipation of finding something discontinued and sometimes over one hundred years old. Be it a retro kitchen table or an old film camera the possibilities are endless. In short Flea Markets are not only a place to go but also a place to Laugh, Eat and just have a good time.