Military comes to Chavez to challenge students!

Every once in a while, the Marine, Army,  and the Air Force comes to Chavez to challenge people’s physical strengths. Last week, the Marines came, and challenged people to do pull ups. It was 25 pull ups for a shirt! Even though it was only 25 pull ups, most people couldn’t do it. Well, at least they tried. Others just walk by and say they can do it, but don’t ever prove it. They just stand there big mouthing away. Nonetheless, its pretty cool that they take their time to come to Chavez.

When the Air Force comes to challenge students, they ask for push ups! Push ups are much easier to do than pull ups, so there are more people doing it. 25 push ups for a wristband, 50 for a bottle, and 100 for a shirt. Most go for the bottle and the wristbands. Some who attempt to go for the 100 push ups usually stop around 80-90, but the Air Force instructor is nice enough to give them the shirt because they tried. Even though push ups are easier to do than pull ups, it’s still pretty tough to hit 50 or even 100. Especially for those who haven’t had physical training in a long time.

Their reason for coming to Chavez and challenging students is to try to inform and hopefully recruit them. They try to give as much information as possible to students so that one day students may consider joining the forces. They’re a couple of Chavez alumni’s who have join the forces and came back to Chavez  as one of the instructors to recruit more students.

Hopefully they continue to come and challenge students. Its a great thing, plus it keeps the students in shape! It’s also great for students to show off how strong they are!