Say Goodbye

As the year is ending the Cesar Chavez High School students will have to say their goodbye to their beloved teachers.

This year our school has three teachers who are going into retirement, and one of those teachers is Mr. Micenhimer.

Mr. Micenhimer teaches English, math, and life skills to our Special Ed students.

By the end of this school year he will have taught 10 years at CCHS and 28 years of teaching all together.

Mr. Micenhimer’s hobbies include, “wood working and fiddling with his computer recording studio.”

After he gone through the retirement he stated that, “My wife has a list of things for him to do!” also he says that he will still be teaching as a part time sub.

When asked what was the reason for his retirement he said that, “You feel when its time to turn the page and start a new chapter . This is the time.”teacher