Disneyland Admission should be split in two.

This would certainly make it easier for people without children or just teenagers wanting to go on a date night.”

— Tiffanie Ingram

Should Disneyland's admission be spit in two?

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Every since Disneyland opened back in 1955 they have been known for transporting their audiences into a place of wonder and magic. Sadly it is a fact the price of admission has grown steadily and doesn’t appear to stop increasing in the near future.

When the park first opened, it had a ticket book system that allowed guests to choose whether or not they wanted to ride attractions or just walk around the park and eat dinner. It is also no secret that Disney is known for their five star cuisines. Amazingly not all patrons visit for amusement purposes.

I propose that they divide the admission in two. One half the costs of admission one half the costs of attractions with a discount if you buy both at the same time. I realize that it would be a bit more hassle for the staff but I believe if they did such a thing Disneyland would get more business than it already does and their guests would be much happier.