Angela Loves to Eat Food

Food!! Food!! Food!! Who does not love to eat food? Food is one of the best things that could ever happen to human beings. Food is something that human beings like to enjoy all the time. Food is delicious! Food is awesome! How can anybody on this earth does not love food? As you already know I LOVE FOOD! Food is so delicious to eat whether its breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. You would always want a hot, nice, delicious, and tasy meal ready at home when you come from a long day at work, school, or anywhere you would always want something ready to eat. But anyways I really enjoy eating food. My favorite food is home made “Fish-and-Chips” with home made tartar sauce on the side and a nice cold lemonade with ice. That is my favorite meal of all dinners I eat at home. Eating Fish-and-Chips is one of the best food I ever eaten as well. But that just me I tend to enjoy food a lot. It`s so deliciously awesome!

Therefore, let`s be realistic now food is something that people love to enjoy all the time. They have food everywhere such as in parties, schools, home, restaurants, buffet,etc. You see everywhere you go or everywhere you see there is always food. There are also many different types of food that people love to eat as well such as cultural food. Many people love to their own culture food or other types of cultural food. Now I can admit, cultural food is awesome! It`s so tasty, flavored, hot, and delicious food ever! Also many people may love that as well.

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However, the majority of people around the world tends to enjoy that even kids love to eat, that is Sweet Treats! They love to enjoy sweet treats such as: pie, ice cream, candy, cakes, and even chocolate as well. They tend to mostly love those sometimes. Many people tend to eat them during deserts after dinner. Which is okay and kind of the routine of eating deserts. But most likely it`s bad too if only they eat so much of food as well. Eating a lot of food can make you gain weight and cause health problems.  It`s good to eat food but there should always be proportion size of food and there should always be a healthy meal such as eating right like fruits and vegetables. It`s good to eat like junk food in a while but mainly we should try to eat healthy by eating fruits and vegetables. We need nutritions in our bodies.

But finally, I will admit I love to eat all the time. Like I said before my favorite meal that I enjoy the most is “Fish-and-Chips”. I tend to love that with a nice cold lemonade and with tartar sauce on the side. It`s pretty awesome! But anyways food is Awesome! WE LOVE FOOD!!