jawaun Smalls “Talented”

Jawaun smalls number six on the junior varsity football team at CCHS is an amazing player. He is determined to succeed in the sport of football. His role model is his grandpa; his grandpa helps him stay focused on what is important. His inspiration to be a great player is his mother. His mother encourages him to do good in school and in sports. He has two siblings a brother and a sister, he is the oldest. He dreams big and puts his mind to everything he does. Jawaun has dreams of becoming a pro; He has the full potential to do exactly that. Number six helps the team dramatically, without him the team wouldn’t be the same. Football is his main sport but he can play other sports too. He enjoys being on the team, he says that the football team is like his second family. For most athletes that is true.

He takes his time to think about plays so that his performance will be great. He says that on offensive days his coach trains them harder but it gets better with time. Jawuan believes that with time and dedication brings forth a great player. “Never give up your dreams” Smalls says. His younger brother Devin Smalls is also such a great player who looks up to Jawaun.  Jawaun wants to be a role model and inspiration to his younger brother Devin. As you can see he’s trying to make a difference by providing kids with a dream someone to look up to. Jawaun has a great personality, he is a very loveable person and just about every player on the team thinks so too. In football practice he pushes himself, and his team mates to. So encourage Jawaun to keep up the good work and congratulate him on being a great player.