Ready For Love? Part 5

Victoria Franco, Reporter

Part 5: The Ending To A Realtionship

Victoria was still at the B building stairs when she decided to call Derek. He didn’t answer, so she decided to try again. Once again there was no answer. She went back to thinking about her situation when she was startled by Derek.

“There you are babe!”

As he leaned in to hug Victoria she pulled back and told him that she needed to talk with him.

“Derek we’ve been going out for three months and lately we’ve been arguing a lot! We’ve had our ups and downs, but through everything I enjoyed being together. I think we would be better off as friends because I don’t want to end up hating each other in the end.”

Derek sat in silence for what seemed like forever when he finally said,”okay bye,” and stormed off.

For three weeks straight Derek avoided Victoria and didn’t want anything to do with her. One day Victoria was waiting to get picked up when Derek asked if they could talk. She agreed.

” I know I didn’t handle our break up well, and I’m sorry. I understand that we were fighting a lot. I should of handled that situation better but now that I lost you as a girlfriend I was wondering if we could at least be friends.”

They both decided to be just friends so they would get to keep their friendship. For a while that was working good for them, until they both started talking to other people. They began to get jealous of one another and that’s when the fights started happening again. It felt just like their relationship had felt. One of their fights got really out of hand  and things that shouldn’t of been said or mentioned were said. That day was when Victoria and Derek stopped talking completely. That was the end to their friendship and relationship.

Now they walk by each other like they’ve never met. There strangers. Strangers with memories.