Finding yourself

Princess Carnecer, reporter

I never expected high school to be like this. Well some that I expected was true, but most weren’t. I’m only half way through my Freshmen year and already, things are going off course. Maybe not completely..

My first month started off great, meeting new people, my classes, reunited with old friends, joining Filipino club, and everything else. Kept my grades up to A’s and B’s on the first term, semester one.

I didn’t expect to get close to the people in all my classes. At least one or two people I knew from my previous school. As soon as the next week came, I was comfortable with the people around me. I thought to myself, “this isn’t so bad after all, they know I’m weird.” I was into my comfort zone, showing my weirdness and everything. My now called “friends” accept me for who I am. I’m someone who can use my weirdness to make a person laugh, or at least smile.

Reuniting with old friends after a long summer break, was the best feeling ever. Getting close to the people I’m not close at before, and being closer with the people I was close to before. I didn’t break that promise “promise me, we’ll still be close even after high school” to my twin/sister/bestfriend Kahlea Perry, literally my other half!

High school was a big change for me and for everyone else. It brought people together. Separated people apart. And it made people to open up to find themselves.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, the thing is I don’t know what exactly what I’m looking. I’m tired of not having and doing something I love. I mean like, I honestly got nothing. If you ask me what I want to do in the future, I wont be able to answer the question. I got nothing. I don’t know what I want or love. It’s frustrating just thinking about it.

Hopefully as the time pass by I will finally found what I’m looking for, wish me luck!