Ready For Love? Part 4

Victoria Franco, Reporter

Part 4: Memories Made


After school Victoria decided to go to the B building stairs, where everything had began for her and Derek. As she sat on the stairs she started thinking of all their memories together.

It had been amazing being together for three months. It had been like a roller coaster ride, they had their ups and downs. Everything had started out with a simple “Hi” on Facebook. After seeing how much they had in common they decided to finally become an official couple.

They did a lot of things together. Derek and Victoria would always hang out together at the movies, mall, school,  but no matter what they were always together. Never one without the other. When they needed to vent they both knew B building stairs was the place to meet.

How could she forget those good morning and goodnight text and phone calls, staying up late at night together. They would spend class time writing cute letters to each other for each of their anniversary’s. Sometimes their grades dropped because of how much time they spent together, but they got those grades right back up because they both knew school came first.

Everything wasn’t always paradise in their relationship though, but being together felt right. They would fight over the smallest things here and there. One of them would get jealous of the other, or other times they felt like they didn’t understand each other.

At the beginning these fights would be fixed with a simple “I’m sorry” and a hug, but lately their fights would last for weeks. It was getting to much for both of them to handle, but they were both to scared to admit that.

Victoria felt like if she ended things she would lose her best friend, but that was the risk of falling for your best friend. She always thought it was going to be her and Derek, now it was time for her to make a choice.

Would she fight for their relationship or was it too late? How could something that felt so right before feel so wrong now?