Arriving In The Morning.

Luisa Arriola, Reporter

Some students come to school early others  get to school late it just depends on the time you wake up, and what time they  leave from their house. Students say it is too tiring and early to get up and come to school everyday. There are many ways to get to school by car, bus, walking, a bicycle and perhaps a motorcycle.Junior, Cosme Castro part of the Law and Order SLC- “My aunt brings me in her car” he says.

School starts at 7:16 in the morning and have to be here before the bell rings to be just in time to start their first period class. Some decide to go and hang out with friends in the morning if they have enough time to get to school and don’t want to be bored and have something to do or if they have enough time they finish up yesterday’s homework. Arriving in the morning also give those students who didn’t get to eat breakfast at home to eat here at the school which provides food for students.

Junior, Isabel Contreras part of the Law and Order SLC- Go hang out with my friends” she says.

Since the weather is changing it is getting colder in the mornings students decide to come almost right when the bell rings so when they arrive they can go straight to class. Sometimes students are just sleepy to get here others just simply don’t want to come at all, but that’s them.

Junior, Cosme Castro says “It is too cold”.

Arriving to school in general is too early, it is cold, students still being sleepy, and tiring and not having enough time to get ready at times. Even though students feel this way they still manage to come and get their education to and be someone successful in life to become someone better.


Students park their cars in the parking lot. This is one way they get to school.