Goodbye Cesar Chavez!

Goodbye Message to CCHS

Rosemarie Moris, Editor


High school life was a great experience! Over the four years it’s where it all begins in freshman year and ends senior year on graduation day. These memories during these four years are the memories you will never forget. It’s the end of high school but our high school memories will never end. In these years we seniors went through many tough obstacles during high school life, grades, drama, classes, and other things. But in those years we also made new achievements, goals, friends and memories. It will be hard leaving our high school life but we have to step forward and reach our goals and dreams into the real world. To my friends, thanks for sharing the good and bad times with me. Especially the times that we will just burst out laughing because of the funny and memorable moments we shared. The memories of these past four school years will surely stay in my mind, forever. To my teachers I want to say thank you for the answers that you gave to me when I don’t have any idea of the question, correcting my mistakes, helping me learn new things.
Before anything else, I would say thank you to my most favorite awesome fantastic teacher Mrs. Wertz in Journalism, Yearbook for sharing your knowledge to me and understanding my weirdness and true side of me. Our bond that we have over the three years was very special and the memories I shared being in your class will never be forgotten. I look up to you and I see as a second mother. You are someone that I want to be like, your like a role model to me. I know I’m getting emotional with this but honestly I will never forget you, the things you helped me through, because of you inspiring I saw my inspiration. If I say goodbye to you I will just fall apart because you have always been there as a teacher, mother, and a friend. I don’t want to lose contact with you or lose our bond that we have over my high school years. I remember the day I first met you and you met me it was like it was really meant to be you are someone I hold close to my heart there I know that we will never lose that student-teacher bond.
Honestly I don’t want to say goodbye to my high school life. Though it is hard for me to say goodbye to high school, but I need to say it because I’m moving to the next chapter of my life. The only memory I want to forget is where in sophomore year I fell on my butt on the stairs! XD