Tests cause students to stress

Bryan Figueroa, Reporter

It is about that time of the year again and everybody is dreading the idea of it.

It is a bitter sweet moment for every student out there.

What is it you may ask ?

It is FINALS… 

You know it is getting closer to finals week when you see more students sleeping in first period because of long exhausting nights trying to study for test and sometimes it is not just one test it is a set of multiple tests. Each test with its own set of rules and challenges that the student must overcome inorder to get a “good ” grade in a class.

Finals do not just hurt us in our sleep levels but our stress levels as well. We see it all around us just take a moment to look around… You see it everywhere students almost wanting to pull their hair out because of how stressed they are. They want to get as much information in their brain as possible before the test but end up crashing and failing because of all the information they are trying to intake at once.


I asked 50 people “On  a level of 1-5 how stressed they were for finals?”

In that study 40% of them said a five on stress level. A five imagine all those people and how stressed they are or even better imagine if I asked 100 people or the whole school. Who knows how high that number will be.

Also form this study I found out that juniors and seniors have to take 3 to 4 final tests.

  final graph seniors

final graph juniors







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