Will CCHS Badminton 2015 win their league this year?

John Vang, Reporter

The last year that CCHS Badminton has won their league was in 2009, ever since then, they’ve been losing. It has already been 5 long years since they’ve won once, but this year it seems they have a chance of winning. Losing 6 years in a row does not feel good, as a matter of fact it’s probably the worst feeling in the world. The past generations has won many times, but ever since they graduated and new players came in, they’ve been losing. It’s not that the new players are not good, they work hard and play hard but other schools are exactly the same. Everyone wants to win. No one wants to lose. This year, their league is tougher, however this motivates them even more! Now that they get to play the best schools they also want to work hard to win. By winning this league, it will prove that they are the best in the league.

“I’m more confident this year,” said Minh Hoang.

“Maybe,” Said Alex Pov, ” We’re gonna come close but we might not win.”

“I believe in my friends’ athletic ability,” said Kristy Vang, “I feel like they will make it to league this year because they are determined to win.”

“Yes, because all the good players from the other schools have left,” Amara Promh

The players this year are more hyped than ever. This year will be a good year, the players will work and play at their best in order to prove they are the best in the league. The underclassmen will play at their best to support their upper class men, all in all, CCHS Badminton will prove that they are the best in their league!

“Cause we’re the best,” said Albert Wong.

Yes, Cause we the best,” Said Jimmy Vannawong.

Cause of me,” said Aron Kong.

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