Who Will Pass the Spanish Final?

Christian, Aldrete

Around the country, Spanish classrooms are filled with fluent and non-fluent speakers. But how many are confident in passing the final?

Of the students I asked in my classroom, 36% said yes. The majority of them felt confident either because they had a good grade or were fluent in Spanish. Every Hispanic student in the classroom said they were going to pass the final.

“I speak Spanish fluently,” said Hugo, a junior in Communications and Technology.

Surprisingly, another 36% said no when I asked about their thoughts on passing. Many explained that the conjugations and accent marks on words would be the main reason of their concern. Spanish writing proves be difficult for non-fluent speakers and those with lower grades.

“I don’t speak Spanish outside the classroom,” said Mina, a junior in Creative and Performing Arts. “My family only speaks English.” Kimlee, a junior in Law and Order, said,”Spanish is difficult.”

Christian Aldrete 101Christian Aldrete

The remaining 28% of the classroom said they were unsure. Some said it depended on what was on the test or if they decided to study or not. Others just weren’t concerned and decided to wait and see.

“It depends,” said Alex, a junior in Engineering and Environmental Science,”on who I’m sitting next to.”

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