Which Genre of Music is Most Popular?

Christian Aldrete, Reporter

Music has been around for centuries helping people either to feel emotions or just to be entertained. You hear it everyday and you feel moved. You’re either singing along in your head or moving along with the beat.

But with all the different styles from different cultures, one can wonder which genre is the most popular. I personally wondered, not only which is the most popular, but which is the popular among teens.

This is why I started this survey.

I went around school asking random students: “what is your favorite music genre?”.

I also asked how they listened and discovered that that the majority of them listened on their phone.

“I’m on my phone all the time, so its more convenient,” said Eduardo Estrada who is a senior in Health.

After asking 50 people, I discovered that the most popular genre was either Hip Hop or something other than: R&B, Latin, Rock, or Pop.

What Is Your Favorite Music Genre?

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