We Got Spirit How About You?

Isaac Holden

What could we do more of to increase our school spirit?

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It has came to my attention that Cesar Chavez High School is an enormous school and exceeds in a large number of students.  But there is one issue that stands out above all.  Our school spirit.

I feel that our school lacks in the school spirit/participation catagory.  Our school overall, has about 2,050+ students who have many resources which could help gain scholarships or even renaissance rewards to gain recognition.  The problem, is that many of our students do not care to participate in school activities we have at our school such as clubs, sports teams, rallys.

Out of those 2,050+ students that attend Chavez, I have surveyed 50 students and came to them with one question, “What could we do more of/or start doing to increase our school spirit?”

The results that I gathered from my survey has gotten me interested. Many of our students believe that our school lacks in school spirit. Out of the 50 students, 30% voted for a student section for sports teams, 10% voted for more rallys, 7% voted for more contests, and finally 3% voted for other.

Overall, the results came out as more students want to start a student section whitch would cheer on our sports teams and also boost our confidence and spirits up.

“There’s not alot of kids who are willing to participate.”
– Alexie Gutierriez(CAPA)

“I feel that we don’t have the confidence, which overall effects our spirit.”
– Edlyn Tomargo(CT)

“I believe our school has much spirit because of the large number of students we have and our awesome leadership.”
– Jordan Cramer(CT)