Sweaty, Stinky, but Healthy?

Rosette Hing, Reporter

Physical education is a necessary course in school. You must be able to take and pass two years in order to reach A-G requirements and graduate.

I have interviewed 50 random students asking for their thoughts and opinions about this subject. 28 out of 50 students believe P.E. should be an obligated course to be taken. “P.E should be taken out so we can have other classes that are important,” said Darren Acain, senior.

Michelle Le, senior, said, “I don’t like P.E. but I do think it should be necessary to have because it’s an important health factor we all need.” “I hate P.E.” Mylinh Nguyen, junior, said, “It’s not important for it to be a course we should have to pass.” “P.E. isn’t important,” Garianna Norwood, senior, said. “At least to me, I just don’t like P.E. and think we shouldn’t have to take it at school.”

All in all, physical education is to help students physically and mentally active, fit, and healthy for life. Although, after interviewing students, it has come to my conclusion that there are a variety amount of people who believe P.E. is important but do not think it is a needed class to have at school.

Do you think P.E. is a necessary course to have at school?

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