Do you like school food?

Duyen Duong

School food, bad meal of  the day

You’re siting in class and your stomach is starting to rumble. Finally the bell rings and it time to get lunch.
Yay! After all that time in class, you deserve a chance to head to cafeteria to sit down, relax, and enjoy the company of you’re friends over a lunchtime meal. But wait a minute. What exactly food are you eating?

Do you like school food?

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Last week i surveyed 50 students in Chavez high school to see if they like their food at school. After a few days surveyed i found out the result. This result is exactly what think when i get food at school.
There is 52% of students said they don’t like their food. 
Most of them usually buy their own food, bring food from home or force themselves to eat school food.

” I don’t like food at this school, the Asian food taste so bad.” Said Diem Nguyen, a senior of Chavez high school. ” I’m an Asian i know how does Asian food taste.”
”School food is taste so queer, i usually skipped my lunch and breakfast.” Said Chevy a freshman of Chavez high schoo
chinese food
School Chinese food

real chinese food
Real Chinese food
school food
School Brito
real brito
Real Brito

34% of students said okay with school food.

” School food is okay with me, but i don’t eat lunch or breakfast at school a lot.” Said Neary, a junior of Chavez high school.
”I got the same food every day, only tacos and chicken hamburger are good.” said  Tevontray, a junior of Chavez high school.
The rest is 14% of students who likes school food.
They said they like school food because it taste not bad and clean.
” These food are good to me because they’re clean and safe.” Said Richard happily.
School should care about what student think and do. School food is very important for each student because it gives student more power to keep up in class.
Nobody want to learn if they’re hungry beacause in their head have only one word ” FOOD.”