CCHS Prom-pt 2015

Kristy Vang , Reporter

It is almost that time of the year, where juniors and seniors are focused on PROM. Many students believe that prom is the most important dance throughout their high school experience. Students would have to find the ideal dress or suit, purchase the prom tickets, pay for dinner, and so forth. Students would spend endless money just to make their prom night the best. For most female student, the prom date and prom dress is the most important part. Prom dresses are not cheap at all either. The average cost is usually a hundred dollars over. The prom dress must need accessories, shoes, and purse. Prom night is expected to be the most meaningful night of high school.

This year, prom will be held at Lodi at the Hutchins Street Square. The theme this year is “A Starlit Night,” where the students will experience a classy and beautiful night under the stars.

“I think prom is going to be a great night,” said Martin Ha, a senior from CAPA SLC, “because I love the theme.”

The ticket cost is $57 per person. Many students have been complaining about the ticket price increasing. Princess Carnecer, a junior in the CAPA SLC, said, “Prom tickets are too expensive this year.” Many students believed that seven dollars were added to the price. For the past two years, the ticket price has always been 55 dollars. However, ONLY two dollars have been added to the price for the reason that two dollars will provide everyone a photo booth at prom where students can take unlimited pictures and will print out the pictures in an instant. The photo booth is very similar to the mall’s photo booth.

Although prom is for juniors and seniors, several juniors do not want to attend to prom this year.  “I want to save the experience for senior year,” said Jordan Cramer, a junior from CT SLC. Many juniors are patiently waiting for their senior prom so they can go all out. “I plan on going next year when it is actually special,” said John Vang from the EES SLC. “Senior year is da best.”

The beautiful thing about prom is that most male students have the opportunity to ask a girl to a dance. This is their chance to take risk and make any confessions before the end of the school year. Students enjoy watching “promposals” and some hope that they would get ask. For the girls, they become obsessively depressed when they do not have a date. They would rather stay home than to go to prom alone.

The Junior Class of 2016 is fully in charge of planning prom. They have to make sure everything turns out perfect, which includes the center pieces, theme colors, location, favors, and the perfect DJ. Since there were no complaints about the DJ last year, there will be the same DJ from last year. “All I know is that it is going to be really fun, full of surprises, Samantha Vazquez, the Junior Class Vice-President from CAPA SLC, said. “All of our work will be paid off.”

“That day is very important since I will be taking my SAT that day. I am going to help set up for prom. I know it is going to be great because my best friend, the Junior Class President, Kristy Vang, organized it well with the help of her officers,” said Carrie Hang, junior from the CAPA SLC.

Unfortunately, some students, specifically juniors, will be taking their SAT the same day as prom.

Kahlea Perry, junior from the CAPA SLC said, “I will be taking my SAT the day of prom.”

As a result, 50 students from Cesar Chavez High School were surveyed. According to the survey, 19 students planned on going to prom, 21 students decided to not attend, and 10 students are not certain.

Prom is already advertised around the campus.
Prom is already advertised around the campus.


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