Breakfast is Key!

Rosette Hing, Reporter

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides nutrients and energy for your body. Without breakfast, you can get irritable, cranky, sad, or hungry during school, work, etc. People who eat breakfast are more known to do better in school because of all the energy that breakfast gives to the brain. Eating breakfast is an important health factor.

I’ve interviewed 50 students asking if they ate breakfast, and if they thought it was important. Out of 50, 23 students eat breakfast and 31 students believe breakfast is an important factor. 18 out of 50 students eat breakfast at local restaurants/fast food places. About 46% of students preferred to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast rather than pancakes, waffles, or cereal. Vy Nguyen, Junior, Said “I eat whatever in the morning. If I’m late, I don’t eat. If I’m up early, I take the time to make something I want to eat. It depends on what is more convenient for me. But, I do believe breakfast is really important because without it I get seriously cranky in the morning.” Mylinh Nguyen, commented, “I don’t eat breakfast because I never have time.” “Breakfast is important but I only eat it when I have time before school.” said, Kim Tran. “My breakfast is Starbucks. Thats the only thing I need in the morning.” said, Darren Acain.

As a result, after interviewing 50 students I came to a conclusion that most students think breakfast is important but only eat it when it is convenient. The percentage of people who eat out are students who have time and the other percent are students who find it more easier to eat home rather than going out to eat before school. Breakfast is shown to be important to many people but just because it is important, not everyone has breakfast every morning.

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