Music Genre Diversity

Jordan Cramer, Reporter

Music is many things to people. It can be an output for their emotions, a way for people to get through their workouts, or even a small noise to help those who are tired to sleep.

This same output can be defined in many ways, as there are many genre’s of music. Music has evolved in many ways since the first form of sound.

At Chavez, most of the student body that I interviewed seemed to enjoy Rap and Hip-Hop music. Around 40% of kids agreed that this genre of music best suits their personalities.

“Slaps help to get me through my day,” said communications technology student Alex Espinoza.

This isn’t the only genre that is listened to as well, as many prefer pop music. Many I interviewed said pop music is their favorite, due to the fact it’s what most radio stations that they listen to play.

Music is something that will always evolve, as there are many forms of genres that can continue to be made from different already formed genres. The diversity in one’s music choice will forever be vast, as not everyone listens to the same thing.