Taco truck is a good place to eat

Epifanio Eugenio , Reporter

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“It is a great place to eat and it is cheap””

— Epifanio Eugenio

The taco truck is good place to eat. The meals are great as well as taco, burrito , quesadilla , and drinks. Also its very good. They give you a free candy with the meal you get. You get a great meal for  under 10 dollars. You get a big burrito for five dollars and when you go to other places you get for more then five and its not as big as the one from the taco truck.

The location is around the corner of your house or around a store. The taco truck is not a hard place to find because its every where. I don’t know the location of the taco truck and its history. All I know that its been there for a very long time. The taco truck guys can cook as good as the girls.

The food never has the same taste because you get to choose what you want in your taco or other food you pick. The smell is wonderful when you have a taco. It looks as good as it taste. It may only cost under 10 dollars for a taco or a burrito. The drinks or nice and cold. You have a lot of choose to pick a drink they have a lot of Mexican drinks.

The secondary food would include taco, burrito, quesadilla, and torta. The sides are good and all have a great taste to go with your taco.  It smell so good when they get  the taco ready. You also get it nice and hot with you get it. Its taste so good when its nice and fresh.

The decor at the taco truck is not that bad. The service at the taco truck is good its never bad. They are nice to you and they  ask you  what you want and how you want it. You tell them how you want it and what you want in it. When you are done ordering they tell you to wait and then they call you. They ask if you want Salsa or other things and they give you a free candy with it.

I recommend that you should go to the taco truck. It’s cheap and its not that far from your house. They also give you a free candy and ask you if you want Salsa and others. Also it don’t cost a lot for a big burrito as other places.