Still Serving good food since the 80’s

Jessica Phin , Reporter

Applebee’s Grill & Bar located on 2659 West March Lane Stockton. If you ever seen their menu they have lots of different foods such as burgers, steaks, salads, beverages, and also desserts. And its also kid fun for the kids they have there own menu to choose from and also they get to color and be occupied while waiting for the food.

In the beginning Applebee’s wasn’t named what it is now, it was called “Applebee’s Rx Edible & Elixirs” from the founders Bill and TJ Palmer. But they later sold the company in 1986 and that’s when the name changed to “Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar”. The first restaurant to open was in Kansas City.

There is so much to choose from but what I usually order when I go there is a standard burger its just your typical burger but has has grilled onions inside of it, fries and sweet potato fries with a jam freeze. 

I want to say that the appetizers such as the fries, chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, and desserts would be considered a secondary food. Well all of the finger foods.

Once you walk in someone would be standing there waiting to give you the menu and escort you to a table. The restaurant itself is well decorated and more modern. The bathrooms are clean and I love the big mirrors great for taking pictures. Bad thing about a restaurant is the wait. But you have to understand that they do get very busy and that your not the only person there. I think the wait is worth it because the wait is usually under 10-15 minutes and that’s not that long .

I recommend you try eating at your local Applebee’s because the food there is good and it’s made fresh. 


I like Applebee’s, especially the photos of Chavez athletes in the Stockton restaurant”

— Anita Marie Wertz

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