One of the best fast food places to go and leave satisfied

Jessica Phin, reporter

In-N-Out has to be one of the best places in Stockton, Ca to eat at. They serve burgers, fries, shakes. Your typical fast food menu. But the cool thing about this place is that they make all there foods with natural ingredients.

The first In-N-Out joint opened in 1948 from a couple named Harry and Esther Sydney. It became popular so quick because they were known to serve the freshest foods. Even though the menu doesn’t have many varieties, the guests seems to still enjoy it. The locations of a In-N-Out joint varies because not everywhere has it. But the main one that I go to is the one on 2727 W. March Lane in Stockton, Ca.

Like I said the menu doesn’t have a lot of variety but when you mix it up , it doesn’t seem so basic. My favorite thing to order when I go there is a double-double burger, animal style fries w/ extra sauce, and a strawberry shake or soda depending on how I’m feeling at that time. One of the foods that I see people ordering is the just a burger, fries, and a soft drink. I know that sounds so little but it can really fill you up.And the best thing is that it don’t cost much. Great food at a low price, come on who doesn’t love that.

Once you walk in you can see the menu, since its not much on it the words are printed somewhat big and clear. The cool thing about a In-N-Out burger joint is it has a clear bulletin board that has there merchandise and whats going on inside of it. The bathrooms are also clean and doesn’t have a bad odor. If your going to the drive thru there the only fast food joint where you can see them making your food, I think that’s pretty awesome. Even though the wait is kind of long depending on its business. Waiting under 10 minutes is worth it waiting for fresh and well prepped foods.

I recommend you go and try eating at a In-N-Out joint, I guarantee you that you’ll be going back there for more !

In-N-Out is usually one of my favorite places to go after a football game, I go in hungry and leave stuffed”

— James Reed '15

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