Wingstop the best place to get wings

Victor Villanueva, Reporter

Never tried it but look’s delicious”

— Mrs.Weber

Wingstop has a lot of different types of wings. Anyone can go there to get any type of wings there. My favorite wing flavor is the Honey BBQ.

Wingstop is located on West ln Stockton CA. The history of it is it all started in as a small buffalo – style chicken wing restaurant in Garland, Texas. Today there are more than 66O restaurants open across the United States,Mexico,Russia,Singapore,the Philippines and Indonesia, with locations coming soon to the United Arab Emirates.

The moment you see the food, your mouth just get’s all watery because of the deliciousness. The smell is just so good, the texture is like a soft but get’s a different feeling in  your mouth. The temperature is a little hot but still blow it just in case. The taste is so good like you have to close your eyes to really taste it. The value is okay just a little to much on the price tho.

The side dish foods in mainly fries and a drink. The fries are long and yellow, the smell is good, the texture is soft, the temperature is room temperature, the taste is delectable and the value is pretty good.

The decor is nice, inside the restaurant is clean with a little big and a lot of  chairs and tables. The service is friendly and nice.

I recommend you try the Honey BBQ wings there, it is so delicious and you will want to go there all the time.


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