Orange Poppin’ Chicken

Kayla Woodard, Reporter

Panda Express is a casual Chinese fast-food restaurant that ┬áspecializes in serving quality food. They have many selections. If you want Beef and Broccoli, most sides or meals you want they have heated and ready to serve. Panda welcomes and greet customers service. The restaurant is located in many places, but the only two locations im familiar with is…the one off Hammer Lane across from Michael’s and the on by Dicky’s B-B-Q Pit off Pacific.

My favorite thing to eat when I go to Panda Express is there orange chicken bowls. It’s a nugget-like, golden orange white meat chicken. It smells like fresh orange peels and fresh chicken. Most importantly the taste is very fresh and the white meat just melts in your mouth! The orange chicken is very worth your last few dollars and will be like nothing you’ve ever seen or tasted before. Just remember to blow before you eat because it’s always smokin’ HOT!

Panda Express is a place I go when I want a fast , but good quality meal”

— Eryn McWhorter

I recommend Panda Express and their great tasting orange chickes to anyone who loves chicken! Panda is recommended because you get two things great food and great service!

What do you like to eat when you go to Panda Express?

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