The Habit Becomes a Habit

Noah Martinez & Melissa Hewlett, Reporters

The Habit Burger Grill is home to the famous and delicious charburger. The location of The Habit is off of March Lane on the other side of I-5 in the Brookside area. The Habit started as “The Habit Burger Malts”. Where they pursuit a new standard for freshness, and daily-baked burgers. Yet they still manage to to make their burgers better and better.

The charburger has a warm bun with sesame seeds on top. Juicy tomatoes, pickles, and fresh lettuce which was on my custom charburger. A freshly cooked patty with melted cheese to go on top is the ideal burger.

When you look at the burger itself it just looks like heaven. The smell is the best, it smells so good that they let all the smoke from cooking the burgers go out their chimney, which you can smell every where around the plaza its in. Anytime you go to The Habit you can depend on good service to cook you a hot meal. For instance, when I went to The Habit and I got my burger and it was so hot I had to wait a little before eating it and when I did eat it, it was like heaven. The value of the burger is just priceless because you cannot find these burgers anywhere else.

The Habit is very modern and has a cozy feeling to it when you go inside. Yet, it is crowded all the time, due to people wanting their amazing burgers. The Habit employees always have their restaurant clean and smelling incredible. Their service is incredible, once you order your meal it’ll be right in front of you within seconds. Also when ordering, their cashier employees are always patient and are never rushing you.

Man… When I went to The Habit and tasted their burgers,\it was amazing. ”

— Usbaldo Ceja

I really recommend The Habit due to the freshness and well cooked juicy burgers. Also their service is incredible. When you go to The Habit you will feel welcomed because of such good employees.Remember The Habit becomes a Habit.  

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