The Best Tacos And Homemade Chili From My House

Tisha Fuentes , Reporter

My house is the place where my mom makes her best tacos and homemade chili she get’s down all in the kitchen she loves cooking.

The location these tacos and chili are made is my very own kitchen.

To make tacos you add chicken, flour tortillas, rice, lettuce, olives, grated cheese, sour cream, for the chicken to have some flavor you add season salt,pepper, and garlic powder. If someone was to put my mom’s tacos and someone else’s. I would be able to tell which is which because my mom has this good taste to it no other tacos have and the same thing with the chili.

My grandpa that has passed away a few years back taught my mom how to make his homemade chili he even grew his own green,yellow,red and harbero chili in his backyard. My grandpa’s chili is probably the hottest chili anyone has ever ate it will have your tongue burning and have you sweating like crazy but you will love the way it taste especially in my moms tacos. The Taste in the tacos and chili is just too amazing.

For my moms homemade chili to make it she uses green,yellow,red and herbeno chili’s, tomatoe sauce, garlic powder and pepper.

When my mom serves my siblings and I she’s nice about it and not rude and places it on the plate nicely and not sloppy.

“I love these tacos there the best ever” -Little sister Mariah Fuentes

Yes, I would recommend close family members or people I know to try my mom’s tacos and homemade chili. You won’t regret!

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