Five Guys burgers and fries

Amanda Garcia , Reporter

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Five Guys burgers and fries is a good place to eat. It’s really big inside and clean. You can see where they cook your food, it’s all fresh.

Five Guys is located on 5633 Pacific Ave. They are open 7 days a week from 11 a.m to 10 p.m. You can also order online. It all started by Jerry and Jaine Murell built a simple burger shack. It was named Five guys because they had three children and all together it’s five of them. 

Five Guys serves heaven on a bun ”

— Tampa Tribune

The main food is a burgers and fries. You can get any toppings for free. There’s different types of burgers you can make. “The best $5 burger a man can eat” said by GQ magazine. There’s French fries were voted best according to Montana Kaiman. You get the choice of five guy style or Cajun style fries. It’s all up to $5 according to what size you want.

They also give Dogs and Sandwiches. They give Kosher style hot dog, cheese dog, bacon dog, and bacon cheese dog. There Sandwiches are veggie Sandwiches or BLT.

Inside there is a big stack of potatoes in front of the door. They have red and white checker walls. Theirs a whole bunch  of tables and a grill behind the register. They give you some peanuts when you walk in too.

I recommend this place because it’s really good. It fills you up.