Eat noodles the way you want and how you want

Cynthia Zaragoza, Food Critic

Most people don’t like everything that’s on the noodles in Chinese food but at Mongolian BBQ you can have the noodles with whatever you like. Here in Stockton we have two Mongolian BBQ. There is one on 7840 West Lane and the other one is located on 2233 Grand Canal Blvd. My favorite is the one on West Lane, it is one of the calmest restaurants in Stockton that I know of. I have been going to this Mongolian BBQ for a while now and I’m still fond by their service, food, and whole restaurant in general.

The main food item at Mongolian BBQ is the bowl of noodles mixed with whatever you like including sauces. I have always mixed my noodles with pork, beef, corn, mushrooms, lobster sauce, teriyaki sauce, and the house special with a little bit of garlic. Once it’s all cooked it taste amazing and is something different from other Chinese noodles because this has everything you personally like and chose to put in it. Apart from the main dish they also give you two side dishes which is the steamed rice and a soup. In my opinion the steamed rice isn’t something that catches my attention. It looks like it’s not freshly cooked and it looks kind of hard as well. To be honest, it reminds me of oatmeal but everybody else seems to really like the rice there too.

Mongolian BBQ is a really nice place to go to. Not a lot of people go and it always seems peaceful. The employees all have manners and attend you pretty well. Although you have to serve yourself they are fast at giving you a table and refilling your drinks. All of my years of going I have never had any complaint about the service there or heard others complain while I’m there.

Ever since I’ve had Mongolian BBQ there has never been any other Chinese food I’d rather have

— Paola Cardenas CCHS Class Of(15)

I recommend Mongolian BBQ to people because it has everything a Chinese restaurant has and better. Not only is it cheap but everything is made exactly the way you want it, the service is great, you get to add as much noodles as you want on your plate which you don’t get to do at other places, and you will not regret trying it there.


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