Bewitched TV Show Review

There was a sitcom that was very popular in the early 60’s to the early 70’s. That show was Bewitched, a show about a young witch and her newly wed husband. When she decides to tell him her deep dark secret on their honeymoon that she is a witch. He makes her promise not to use her powers and to live like a normal couple. The pilot episode was funny at times, but then at other times were horrifically overacted. The definition of a sitcom is a TV show with situational comedy.

The main characters are Samantha Stephens, young witch which this show is based around. Portrayed by¬†Elizabeth Montgomery. Then there is Darrin Stephens, Samantha’s husband who gets the surprise of his life when he marries Samantha. Portrayed by Dick York (1964-1969) and by Dick Sargent (1969-1972). Samantha’s mom is Endora, Played by the late Agnes Moorehead.

Two minor characters are ¬†Larry Tate played by David White, and Tabitha Stephens, Daughter of Samantha and Darrin, portrayed by Erin Murphy. There is Louise Tate, who was also portrayed by two actresses, Irene Vernon (1964-1966) and Kasey Rogers (1966-1972). These characters weren’t in the pilot episode so its hard to explain their relationships.

The pilot episode started off with introducing Samantha and Darrin, and explaining how they met. As there relationship progresses, it gets closer to their marriage. The show officially starts off with Endora and Samantha talking about how she loves Darrin. Samantha then tells Darrin about her powers, and Darrin makes Samantha promise not to use the powers and to live a normal life. A few weeks later Samantha and Darrin go to Sheila’s dinner, where Samantha gets fed up with Sheila’s insults and starts using her magic to make Sheila look bad.

Bewitched is better than The Partridge Family, I Dream of Jeanie, and The Brady Bunch for the simple facts that Bewitched ran longer than those three shows and had a higher review rating as seen on

If somebody wanted to revamp this sitcom into a 21st century show, not much would have to change. Just update the jokes into present time comedy and modernize everything else. They can also use Tabitha’s life of how she got married or her growing up as a witch.