A sitcom is a situation comedy. Bewitched was a fantasy sitcom based on a witch who falls in love with an ordinary human being who she soon married. She couldn’t help but use her magic to solve the problems her family faced after she pledged to become a suburban housewife. Bewitched was an American TV sitcom that everyone enjoyed watching.

Darrin Stephens, former husband of Samantha Stephens, was played by Dick York who decided to marry a witch and look forward to living a normal life, or so he thinks. Elizebeth Montgomery stars as Samantha Stephens, the wife of Darrin. The both overcame obstacles that have failed to separate them.

Shiela Sommers and Endora were some of the minor characters in the show who simply tried to get in between the marriage of Darrin and Samantha. Sheila (Nancy Kovack) was Darrin’s fiance before he married. She tried to seduce him and supposedly win him, whereas, the mother of Samantha, Edora (Agnes Moore) attempts to destroy Darrin by casting countless spells on him.

Episode 1; Darrin and Samantha find each other and are head over heals for each other. They quickly married and Samantha decided to tell her mother who eventually tried to interfere with their marriage after hearing the news. Samantha then chooses to confess her secret of being a witch to her husband. He was very surprised and wouldn’t believe it. He accepted her for her as long as she pledged to not using her magic anymore and become a normal wife who cooks, cleans, etc. Sheila, ex fiance, dropped by his workplace and found out that he is now a married man. So she invited him to a potluck where both Darrin and Samantha attended later that evening. During the event, Sheila brings up the past between Darrin and herself in attempt to make Samantha jealous and uncomfortable. As a result, Samantha couldn’t help but use her magic to put a stop to Sheila’s ridiculous faults.

Bewitched was very fascinating and out of the ordinary. Having a witch play as a mortal’s wife whose family is elaborated with magic, makes the show very distinct. Season 1, Episode 1: I, Darrin, Take this Witch Samantha revealed a lot of magic during the episode when Endora uses her powers to transport Darrin into the front desk of the hotel and again, magic is used during dinner at Sheila’s when she tried to make Samantha envy what she had with Darrin in the past. Also, the show included a great deal of drama, conflicts, etc which made it all quite interesting.

The producers of Bewitched should reconsider a new series for the 21st century. Later in the years, the audience did grow tired of the show so here’s a chance to redeem it.