I Dream of Jeannie

“I Dream  of Jeannie” is a sitcom with five seasons and 139 episodes total. A sitcom is a situation comedy. It’s similar as a drama-comedy shows in television. “I Dream of Jeannie” had a premise of astronaut named Anthony “Tony” Nelson found a beautiful, blonde 2000 year old genie in a bottle after a take off. Jeannie turns out to be very in love with her master and follows him wherever he is.

The main character of the show was Larry Hagman as Captain Anthony “Tony” Nelson. His character shows a nice, brilliant man who doesn’t want to be mean and reject Jeannie. Another main character was Barbara Ellen as Jeannie. Her character is a beautiful 2000 year old genie from a bottle who is so in love with her master, Tony.

The minor character of the show was Bill Daily as Captain Roger Healey. He was the only person who knows about Tony and Jeannie’s secret. Other minor character was Hayden Rorke as Colonel Dr. Alfred Bellows. He was frustrated by strange things that happens to Tony but never finding out the real truth.

The summary of the first episode was when Tony Nelson found Jeannie in an island after take off, she became very in love with him that she decided to go with him home. He was already engaged with another girl when he met her and it obviously became a problem to him. Tony’s work also got affected because of Jeannie. His co-workers are wondering what has been happening to him because he’s acting really weird when he came back home from the island.

The resources of these information is the movie and episode guide.

“I Dream of Jeannie” was a really nice sitcom. It was a romance, drama, and comedy sitcom. It showed a lot of conflicts in the story but with comedy. So it can keep the people laughing. The show can also give people a moral story in every episodes. It is sweet that the Jeannie liked Tony a lot but she kind of got annoying. However, Tony decided to get her back to marry her, which is also the sweetest and romantic story ever. If you like a movie with romance and comedy genre, then you should watch the sitcom “I Dream of “Jeannie”.