Bewitched Sitcom Review

Sitcoms are situation comedy television shows. One of these sitcoms was “Bewitched,” that ran between 1964 to 1972. It’s story was about a witch who married a man who did not know she was a witch until their actual honeymoon. People still believe that it was one of the best sitcoms and should remain at the top.

In “Bewitched,” Darrin Stephens, portrayed by Dick York, is the man who unknowingly married a witch. Samantha, was portrayed by Elizabeth Montgomery, was the witch who could not help using her powers in her everyday life.

Minor characters include Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, was Samantha’s mother, who disapproved of her new husband. Finally, we have Sheila Sommers, played by Nancy Kovack, was Darrin’s ex-girlfriend who tried to get the better of Samantha.

“Bewitched’s” first episode was about the background of how Samantha and Darrin first met to the point of marriage and honeymoon. Endora, Sam’s mother, did not approve of the new marriage her daughter was in, but still, Samantha disregarded what Endora said. Sheila comes into the picture when she catches Darrin in his office and invites him and Sam over for a fancy dinner. Samantha uses her powers on Sheila, who was trying to get the better of Sam, using remarks that were very questionable.

Things that make “Bewitched” a better situation comedy is that it has more of a plot since its a witch that got married to a “mortal man.” The other three don’t have that special random comedy that “Bewitched” has. Also, the characters all have their own story and exciting personalities.

We could use this sitcom and revamp it for modern times. People loved it back then, and a revamp will bring back old memories and gain new viewers, making the revamp very successful. Apart from the success, it will give young viewers a chance to see what it was like before their time.