Bewitched Sitcom Assignment

A sitcom is a situation comedy. In the sitcom “Bewitched” a woman, Samantha Stephens meets an ordinary man, Darrin Stephens and falls in love with him.On their honeymoon Darrin makes Sam promise that she will not use witchcraft and be a normal mortal. But Sam ends up using magic every now and then to make life easier. This sitcom is funny and cute, it’s one of the peoples best chosen sitcoms to watch. “Bewitched” is a very entertaining sitcom to watch to this day.

The main characters in the sitcom “Bewitched” are Samantha, Darrin, and Endora. Elizabeth Montgomery acts as Samantha Stephens, Dick York acts as Darrin Stephens, Agnes Moorehead acts as Endora Sams mother. Sam is the main character the witch. Darrin is a normal mortal who marries a witch. Endora is also a witch.

The minor characters in “Bewitched” are David White as Larry Tate, Erin Murphy as Tabitha Stephens, George Tobias as Abner Kravitz, Alice Pearce as Gladys Krevitz, Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate,Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur, and many more. Larry Tate is Darrins profit-obsessed boss. Louise Tate is Larry Tates wife. Abner is Sams and Darrins neighbors from across the street along with his wife Gladys Kravitz. Uncle Arthur is Sams uncle and Endoras prank-loving brother.

The first episode is about how Darrin and Samantha meets. They continuously bump into each other. They date for a while, fall in love, and get married. On their honeymoon Endora Sams mother pops up and tells sam she will save her from her terrible mistake of marring a mortal. Endora thinks their marriage will never last because she is a witch. Sam then decides to tell Darrin, at first he doesn’t believe her. But once he realizes it’s true he makes Sam promise that she won’t use witchcraft and act as a normal human. Darrins ex-girlfriend invites Darrin and Sam to a casual dinner, but ends up being a very fancy dinner. Sheila pushes her limits on making Sam angry and she ends up using witchcraft and humiliating her in front of her guests.

“Bewitched” is a better sitcom to watch. For example, in “I Dream of Jeanie” it semi similar to “Bewitched” because it is about a beautiful girl with powers who meets a man and falls in love. But “Bewitched” is much funnier and more of a interesting show. It’s also much better than “The Partridge Family” and “The Brady Bunch.”

If they remade “Bewitched”┬áin todays time, it would probably not be as interesting although the remake of the movie was okay.The old time sitcom will always be better. It would be ruined if it were to be remade, the producer would probably corrupt the show.