Bewitched Sitcom Assignment

A sitcom is a situation comedy. “Bewitched” was a sitcom about a guy who got married and didn’t find out that his wife was a witch until their honeymoon. It was a good sitcom and it reminded people of themselves.

The husband, Darrin Stephens, was played by Dick York. He’s tall and nice looking. The wife, Samantha Stephens, was played by Elizabeth Montgomery. She’s a very nice looking blonde and she’s the typical wife.

Sheila Sommers, Darrin’s ex-girlfriend, was played by Nancy Kovack. She liked to play mind games with Samantha. At the dinner table of the first episode, Darrin and Sheila sat together at one end and Samantha at the other, which was weird to begin with. Sheila kept fantasizing about their past and Samantha messed with her using her witch magic. Some thing in her tooth there and hair messed up here. She didn’t do it so someone noticed, but they sure did notice that Sheila wasn’t perfect. She looked like a fool, which you know people loved.

Darrin and Samantha kept bumping into eachother one day and decided they should talk about it. They had a meal and instantly fell in love. They got married and Darrin’s ex invited him and Sam over for dinner. Sam was casually dressed and everyone else was preppy. Sheila was awfully flirtatious and Samantha was fed up with it so she used her wonderful powers and simply made her look less intriguing. They went home after, she cleaned up and they went to bed.

The first episode brought everyone in. Seeing that those situations happen to normal people too, it was a more close-to-home feeling. Relationships like Samantha and Darrin’s often go through what they went through at the dinner table. You know people can’t use magic, but the fact that she did was a relief type of feeling which just made you smile.

If people were to bring “Bewitched” back, don’t change anything. Leave it the way it was. Yes, you can change the style, but leave the names, the same type of message, and the humor in it. It’s a great sitcom which everyone would enjoy.

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