Four Corners Monument

There are plenty of main stream places to go on vacation like Hawaii, or Australia. Those places are beautiful and all, but most people don’t thousands of dollars to spend on vacations. That is where smaller places such as the 4 Corners Monument. How many other places in the U.S.A can you be in four states at once? The answer is, there are no other places in the United States, that you can be in so many states at a time. The states that intersect are,  Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.

“That is so cool how you could be at four states at once, ” Lorraine Lilagan, sophomore, said. “I totally would be interested in going there too.”

There are two seasons in which this monument is open. Peak Season (May 1-Sept 3o), 8a.m.,- 7p.m, Seven days a week. Then there’s Offseason (October 1-April 30), 8a.m-5p.m, Seven days a week. It is open 362 days a year, being closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

If you are worried about the price, don’t. The Monument has a cheap entry fee of just $3 per person, children 6 & under are admitted for free.

In a conducted interview with Jerrad Morris, he said, “That’s something that would be cool to check out.” That’s not all that was in the interview, “How many people can really be in four places at once,” Jerrad said.

For directions on how to get there if you drive from Stockton, CA:

Get on CA-4 E from N Center St. Then follow CA-99 S/Golden State Hwy, CA-58 E/Blue Star Memorial Highway and I-40 E to US-180 W/Country Club Dr in Flagstaff. Take exit 201 from I-40 E. Follow US-89 N and US-160 E to NM-597/4 Corners Rd.