Crater Lake National Park (The Phantom Ship)

Phantom Ship resembles a sailing ship that is 1 1/2 million years old and is the oldest rock in the lake. The island is as tall as a 16 story building and 300 feet long. It is made of volcanic ejecta and 400,000 year old andesite lava. The Phantom Ship is open year long round and 24 hours a day. An average of 482,249 people visit crater lake a year. There is a $15 to $20 fee to enter the National Park. To get to Phantom Ship you need to go to a designated parking area and head off trail into the woods. Head left to start a short loop hike through an open meadow. There are steep views down into the Crater Rim from there to get a great view. There is also a boat that takes you up close to the island. It holds up 30+ people on the boat.

Come explore and visit Crater Lake. It has inspired people for many years. Summer is coming up and this magnificent blue lake within its crater is an experience not to be missed!