Shipwreck On Gilligan’s Island

The best show from the old days.

Giligan’s Island success comes from the atmosphere between the actors itself. The way they get along to be able to produce such  a hit show. Till this day the show and cast have been recognized for their creation. When the show started in 1964 it was a rough start, but over the years until the show ended in 1967 it has impacted so much that its still aired on t.v. till this day 11/12/14.

For a little guy, you sure get in a lot of trouble! ”

— The Skipper

The story revolves around Bob Denver known as “Giligan”. Giligan’s job on the the Giligan’s Island series consists of making mistakes, discovering different things, and making everyone laugh. His main partner Alan Hale Jr. “the Skipper” is probably why Gilligan is such a success. Skipper is the character who receives the beatings from Gilligan. When Gilligan would commit mistakes Skipper was always found in the picture.

Like any other movie or show, there are always pretty girls involved. In this typical show their were three. Dawn Wells ” Mary Ann Summers” was one of the pretty girls who would mainly help around in the island. Tina Louise “Ginger Grant” was an actor who was also found on the island. She was one of those people that would just sit back and look pretty. Natalie Shafer “Mrs. Lovely Howell” was a rich girl along side her husband Jim Bakus ” Thurston Howell III “. Everyone on the island always tried to impress them hoping that Mr. Howell would produce them. “The Proffessor Roy Hinkley” known as Russell Johnson. was a character that would play huge part during some episodes throughout the series and sometimes you would hardly see him. Either way whether it was small or big every characters part through the Gilligan’s island series played a big role.

GI - Alexander Ming

The past week we were able to watch Gilligan’s island through three episodes. Through out the three episodes it was nothing but excitement. it was almost like a comedy show but also involved action because something was always going on. I realized how and why this show has become such a big hit. Especially since their was no cuss words used, their was no body exposed by the girl, and above all it was great for children.