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Gilligan Island is a tv sh0w about how seven people on a boat gets hit by a storm and get washed up onto Gillians island. Gillian Island is a very old tv show it is approprite for everyone. This tv show was aired in 1964-1967 and there are 3 seasons and 98 episodes. This tv show is now aired on metv, its an hour special that shows two episodes a day.

The main character of Gillian Island is Gillian played by Bob Denver, which is a dumb character that plays in the movie. He repeatly makes mistakes that slims down the help from saving the stranded people on the island. Also The Skipper, played by Alan Hale Junior is a main character because he is constantly in the scenes to scold Gilligan about his mistakes.

Thuston Howell the 3rd, played by Jim Backus was a millionaire on the island  with his wife,Mrs.Howell played by Natalie Schafer.Also Ginger Grant played by Tina Louise, was a movie star stuck on the island. The professor played by Russel Johnson, was a very smart guy who helps everyone out when there were things needed. Marry Ann Summers Played by Dawn Wells, was a friend of ginger. Everyone in the show is very persistant to leave Giligan’s Island.

Giligan's island

This tv program was watched by alot of people around the world. The tv show, Gilligan’s Island was a comedy that was appropriate for any age group, whether people that are old or young watches Gillian’s Island. Many people like Gilligans Island because it can make them laugh alot since The Skipper always scolds Gilligan for his mistakes, even though Giligan helps and finds useful things.

In one of Gillian’s Island episode, Gilligan tames a lion. Gilligan tamed the lion by feeding it corn beef and everyone on the island was scared of them. Gilligan wanted to make circus on the island, but the others wanted to lock the lion in the cage because the lion looked dangerous and stared intimidating at everyone.

Gilligans Island is really popular, even people in the present still watches it, since it’s aired on metv. We bet if everyone starts watching a episode of Gilligans Island, they’ll love it.