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GI - Molica Ly

If you had to choose one show to watch right now, it should be Gilligan’s Island (created by Sherwood Schwartz), which aired for three seasons on the CBS network on Mondays, 7:30 p.m. However, as of September 2, 2013, the show runs Monday-Thursday nights at 8/7c on Me-TV. It was filled with humor, mischief, and delightful adventures.

Bob Denver played the role of First Mate Gilligan, the title character of the show and an idiot who always seemed to ruin the castaways’ chances of escape. His real name was Willy, and he was often called “Little Buddy” by the Skipper. Today, he’s known as an American cultural icon. Alan Hale, Jr. starred as the Skipper (Jonas Grumby), an over-weight captain of the S.S. Minnow who’s often the victim of Gilligan’s fat jokes.

With the help of the Proffessor (Russell Johnson), the castaways were able to built useful things to survive. Gilligan kept the island lively with his idiotic behavior. Mary Ann Summers, the farmgirl, mainly did the domestic household work with the help of  Hollywood movie star, Ginger Grant. Mr. and Mrs. Howell were the millionaires who made the show a little more interesting than it already was since they were used to living a luxurious life rather than a caveman life on an island.

The show focused on the struggles of seven castaways and their attempts of survival and escapes from the island on which they shipwrecked due to a sudden storm. Most of the episodes were about their personal conflicts and failed attempts (thanks to the dorky Gilligan) of escaping their unfortunate situation. One interesting thing it had that most shows didn’t have was a theme song that told the show’s story.

Episode 17 of season two (You’ve Been Disconnected), was a great example of what the show was mainly about. In this episode, Gilligan found a telephone cable, and the Professor and the Skipper frantically tried to get it to connect to the mainland. There was hope of escape until Gilligan ruined everything yet again. A storm suddenly came in and washed away the cable. This would’ve been good, until Gilligan revealed that he sealed the cable with the rubber the Professor had made, afraid that the wires would get wet. Gilligan, you idiot!

Although critics seemed to think the show would be a bust, Gilligan’s Island certainly proved them wrong with its Top-20 ratings. It may not be like today’s shows, which are filled with the usual action, drama, romance, and occasional comedy, but it is definitely a must-see show.

GI - Minh Hoang