Gilligan’s Island is entertaining.

Gilligan is the best actor because he was funny and slow at the same time.

GI - Jasmine R and Savannah D

T.V shows that are reality are entertaining to watch for teenagers and upper. It has more action to it . The actors are very funny with eachother. They show a lot of their background.


Gilligan’s Island is entertaining to some of the teenagers and upper because they actually understand the episodes. The actors from Gilligan’s Island are series about their being stuck in the Island. They have three women with them that know how to wash clothes, cook , and entertain theirselves.


This T.V show Gilligna’s Island is an entertaining for teenagers, kids, and can be for adults too. It brings back memories for those who use to watch it when it was first aired on television. Gilligan’s Islnad was first aired in the 1964.