How is LeBron James Still dominating at an age of 38?


38 years old, LeBron James is in his 20th NBA season and is still somehow dominating the league putting up spectacular numbers. 

LeBron came into the league with extremely high expectations just as a high school graduate. LeBron averaged great numbers for a rookie averaging 20 points, 5 rebounds, and almost 6 assists per game which was better than most players’ stats at the time. 

Fast forward 20 years and he is still putting up amazing numbers averaging 30 points per game with 7 assists and 8 and a half rebounds. It’s mind-boggling to still think that he’s been doing this for 2 decades and everybody is wondering how he is still in great shape while dominating as the 3rd oldest player in the NBA.

First of all, his diet is a huge factor in his staying built 24/7, he eats various meats, fish, and most vegetables and fruits. While doing so he avoids carbs, sugar, dairy, and refined sugar. Second, he works out whenever he has the free chance, it could be weighted, working out in general, or even yoga, whatever will help him stay in shape he will proceed to do.

Over time his athleticism and stamina have decreased as his minutes per game went down over the years but on the court, he does various things to keep himself from getting tired. It hurts the team defensively as LeBron is a great defender when he chooses to be, but if you have been watching the Lakers games closely, he chooses to guard the worst offensive player and only plays defense when he can’t switch with someone. If he has the opportunity to switch with a teammate, he’ll send them over to defend instead of him. Defense is all about giving your all and effort but if the Lakers want to succeed, they need as much offense from him as possible rather than his defense. The only great defensive plays he has had this year are various chase-down blocks and somewhat staying in passing lanes for a possible fastbreak score.

LeBron has been a decent shooter over his career, but his shot has been falling more due to more attempts this season compared to previous years. When LeBron gets hot, he is dangerous from the 3-point line, just hope he doesn’t pull up from extremely deep, or else it’ll be considered a “LeAirball”. His mid-range this year have all been decent so he’s reliably scoring from anywhere on the court.

Dunking-wise, he isn’t much of a lob threat due to his age, but he will finish wide-open dunks and lobs as he hasn’t cared much about dunking on opponents, instead, he decides to use his creative layup game to score easily inside. LeBron loves to use his body when he scores inside as he developed somewhat of a post-game including drop steps, backing down defenders, and post fadeaways. 

In order for the Lakers to have LeBron at 100% every time he touches the court, he now has to take breaks. He is now in his 5th year with the lakers and due to him having constant small injuries and needing breaks, he has missed 95 games in just 5 years compared to his impressive 71 games missed in his first 15 years in the league.

LeBron also plans to play his last season with Bronny James, his son. However, he barely made it into the “Mcdonalds All-American Game”, purely for his last name only. Bryce on the other hand has a higher ceiling than his older brother so it depends on how much longer LeBron plans to be in the league. He has also said in past interviews that he plans to retire in “4,5,6,7” years which will put him in line to play with either of his sons.

Something we should appreciate and be grateful for is Lebron’s dedication to the game of basketball and his longevity. We’ll definitely never meet or see an NBA player comparable to LeBron James ever again.