Breakdown of Donovan Mitchell’s 71 point game


This season has been filled with high-scoring games throughout the first half of the season, and we just witnessed one of the best-scoring games in NBA history. Today I’ll be breaking down this spectacular performance.

70-point games are extremely rare in the NBA as it’s only been done 11 times, now 12 times as Donovan Mitchell scored 71 points against the Bulls beating them in overtime.

Even though he scored all these points, he got off to a pretty slow start only having 5 in the first quarter taking him almost the whole first quarter to finally get a shot to go in. He had 11 in the 2nd quarter, but the Cavaliers were down big at the half with the score being 47-65 against the Chicago Bulls. 

Mitchell had 16 at the half but it seemed that something must’ve lit a fire inside of him during the halftime break as he started to get bucket after bucket, by the end of the 3rd quarter he added 24 points as the Cavs were now down by 5 points going into the 4th quarter. Mitchell was scoring in an absurd number of ways, tough layups, crossover jumpers, and a whole lot of free throws.

But Donovan still wasn’t done yet, adding another 18 points in the 4th quarter including an incredible putback layup to send them into overtime with a chance to complete the comeback win over the bulls.  The crazy thing about this putback was that Luka Doncic did the same thing days ago to also send his team into overtime.

Going into overtime Mitchell right away was asking for the ball and he continued to stay hot getting even more buckets while having the lead in OT. Late in OT he was sent to the free throw line easily sinking 2 free throws which put him at 70 and 71 points. The Cavaliers ended up winning the game with the final score being 134-145 completing the comeback win. 

Mitchell is also the first person in NBA history to score more than 70 points while having double-digit assists, despite him only being 6 foot 1 he managed to secure 8 rebounds as well. He shot a whopping 65% from the court (22/34) while hitting 7 three-pointers and 20 free throws. 

After the game, he was interviewed and all he could say was “I’ll say again: I’m Humbled to be in that company, humbled to be in this position.”